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Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to transform your space into a sanctuary of cleanliness. We're committed to impeccable service and detail-oriented results, ensuring your environment is both immaculate and inviting.

Meet Your Dedicated Cleaner

From the very first visit, your designated cleaning expert will tailor their approach to your specific needs. With Cindy-rella’s, personalized attention is just part of the package.

Tailored Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning services are as unique as your home. We offer customized plans that align with your schedule and cleaning preferences, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Revel in the Results

Relax and enjoy your revitalized space while we handle the particulars. Every nook and cranny shines, ensuring that your home doesn't just look clean, it feels Cindy-rella clean.

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We offer a wide variety of cleaning services

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Maintain your home's sparkle with our routine, comprehensive cleaning services.

Regular home cleaning for a spotless living space.

Dive deep into cleanliness with our exhaustive deep clean service, designed to address every corner, leaving your home or office impeccably spotless.

Comprehensive cleaning for every season.

Additional Cleaning services help you achieve a more thorough and rewarding cleaning experience. Add some of our Extras today!

Make your house shine with additional cleaning options!

What do we offer?

We offer excellent services

Our team is well trained and highly qualified experts in professional cleaning and disinfect services to keep all types of premises clean and safe.

We will clean and make your house shine

We will arrive at your home we will be equipped with all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to thoroughly clean your home. We keep your home sparkling clean and germ free. Our disinfecting process kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses.

Transformative Deep Cleaning for Every Season

Our deep clean service goes beyond the surface to target the accumulated grime and dirt that regular cleaning might miss. We meticulously clean windowsills, stove tops, hoods, baseboards, and doors, tackling long periods of neglect. Your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances receive extra attention, and we ensure bathroom fixtures and floors shine. This intensive cleaning covers moving what we can to vacuum behind and beneath, and we don't shy away from those hard-to-reach areas. Opt for a deep clean not just for a one-time thorough cleaning but as a foundation for ongoing maintenance that truly makes your space sparkle.

Add on some Extras to get your house in tip top shape

Maintaining a clean and organized home is a continuous process that requires attention to detail. While regular maintenance cleaning is crucial, there are certain areas that often require extra care. By adding interior oven and fridge cleans, baseboard cleaning, and interior window cleaning to your house cleaning routine, you can ensure a more thorough and rewarding cleaning experience. These additional services not only contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable living environment but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. So, why settle for an average cleaning routine when you can elevate it to the next level with these extra services? Take the opportunity to invest in a cleaner and more comfortable home today!

Commercial Cleaning

Transform your office with Cindy-rella's Cleaning Service. Our expert team offers exceptional commercial cleaning tailored to your business needs. We focus on creating a clean, productive environment using eco-friendly practices. From detailed sanitization to flexible scheduling, we ensure your workspace is not just clean, but a beacon of efficiency and health. Trust Cindy-rella's for reliable, professional office cleaning that makes a difference.

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Why are we the best?

Our team is well trained and highly qualified experts in professional cleaning and disinfect services to keep all types of premises clean and safe.

Insured and Security

Our cleaners are insured and bonded so no need to worry about your apartment, office or garden.

Brilliant Purity

We keep your home sparkling clean and germ free. Our disinfecting process kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses.

Reliable Crews

Our reliable and stable crews understand your specific house and office clearning service needs.

Leading Technologies

We use safe hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA filtrations and microfiber cleaning cloths to reduce cross contamination.

Our customers

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Feedback from our clients provides us with valuable insight into our levels of service and customer satisfaction.

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"There is nothing more satisfying than a clean house..and Cindy and her team make sure that is exactly what you get. Great service and very friendly staff. Thank you Cindy!!"

Brenda Robins

“I have been using Cindy-rella’s Cleaning Service on a bi-weekly basis since May 2022, and I could not be happier! Cindy, and all her staff are incredibly pleasant and friendly. The cleaners do a great job, and they are very efficient."

Jessica Steinthorson

"As a mom of 2 active boys and running a home based business I wasn't able to keep up with the house work. I was leary of bringing anyone in because of how fussy I am. I was so happy to find my home spotless and I now have them come every 2 weeks. A great value for a great job. Thank you Cindy-rella's."

Annette Rist-Bergstresser
You deserve the best service!

Frequently Asked Questions

For all your queries on commercial or residential sanitizing services, our FAQ section is designed to provide you with comprehensive answers. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your spaces are not just clean, but hygienically safe. Find the information you need to feel confident in choosing our specialized cleaning and disinfecting services.

Questions & Answers

Services are offered without contract and can be modified at any time.

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Leaders in the Cleaning Industry

Our team comprises well-trained and highly qualified experts dedicated to providing top-notch professional cleaning and disinfecting services. We ensure that every corner of your premises is spotlessly clean and safe, setting industry standards with our unparalleled service quality.

Committed to Excellence

With over 9 years in the business, Cindy-rella's Cleaning Service has become a beacon of trust and excellence for our clients. Our inspiration comes directly from the satisfaction we bring to hundreds of households, saving you invaluable time and energy with our efficient cleaning solutions.


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